Social Network Services Agency

We propose a detailed promotion service available on several types of platforms, such as Google, Bing, Social Networks and Blogs. We will promote your Products and Services, as well as your events and promotions that occur.

Online Promotion with Azuaria

We know that a promotion can be done very quickly. However, it is much more complicated to do it optimally and profitably for your business. In fact, if an advertisement is not 100% optimized, you do not monetize your investment. For an Advertising to be profitable and useful, you must first understand your needs Online and be able to determine the emergency of the Product or Service that you want to publish in an Advertisement, whether on Google or Social Networks. For example, a client may do the promotion of one of their services for Christmas and we are already in December, then the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will take too much time before giving results, and Christmas will have passed. In this case, it would be more interesting to choose the Search Engine Advertising (SEA) option to obtain instant results on the first page of Google or in the News of the Social Networks.

Promoción en las redes sociales
Publicidad en las redes sociales y google

Useful Information

  • More than 90% of Clicks on Google are done on the first page.
  • Almost 90% of users use social networks, we must not forget it.
  • Google represents more than 95% of search engines.
  • A well done promotion attracts more potential customers and increases conversions.
  • Azuaria is an experienced web advertising agency

Web Promotion in Video

As in all industries and all sectors, there are fashions. The Digital, and particularly the Digital Marketing is sensitive to these fashions. For web advertising, and visibility in general, video is increasingly present and users prefer a video that explains while the classic text is stained. It means that a well done promotion that brings clicks, that reaches a highly optimized video drastically increases conversions and monetizes your web advertising. If you are interested in creating optimized video on your site, you can ask for more information and a quote for advertising and video presentations.

Elige su plan de Promoción

Plans Basic Company Business
Facebook Quality publication per week 2 3 5
Instagram Quality publication per week 2 3 5
Twitter Quality publication per week 2 3 5
Additional post USD 2 USD 1.5 USD 1
Blog post per month 1 2 4
Additional blog post USD 20 USD 15 USD 10
Your business on Google Map Yes Yes Yes
Analysis of your results Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes
120 USD Google Ads given the first month 80 USD Facebook Advertising given the first month No Yes Yes
Support by e-mail Yes Yes Yes
Support by phone No Yes Yes
Meetings Monthly Follow-up No Yes Yes
Monthly Price USD 175 USD 350 USD 600