Our Business Philosophy

Our vision

Azuaria has recently developed a new approach for its subscriptions in Digital Marketing Services. We absolutely want to offer our clients a service that includes nothing but their needs. In effect, we realized that many referencing services propose ready-made formulas with options that are not relevant for the client. We are done with this system. Now you can edit your own quotation and then communicate it with us. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we gladly communicate with you clear information, real notices and also an estimate of results that is reasonable to start the first stage of transparency between Azuaria and its clients.

Before giving advice and giving you an orientation on your subscription, we will carry out a free audit of your website that aims to find your weak points, your strengths, your opportunities and threats. For example, A business owner would like to develop their sales in another country and wants a Digital Marketing subscription. When we have our first date together, we will explain our approach, our steps. It is not interesting to do the promotion of your products at the local level, on the contrary, he wants to sell outside, nor do a huge job in keywords that do not correspond to the language of your target country. Azuaria meets your needs and gives you an estimate of results.

How does Azuaria work?

Once we did the complete audit of your website, we optimized and fixed your computer defects. As in all industries, it is very important to have a solid structure first of all! In addition, a good computer structure is much more understandable for the Google Algorithm.
At the moment that your information technology will be irreproachable, a consultant, who will be assigned to you personally, will communicate with you to determine together a Digital Marketing strategy to achieve your short, medium and long term objectives. Again, in sync with your needs.
This consultation aims to optimize everyone's time and money. We will get the results in due time and we will work efficiently. A part we will give your credentials access to your personal space. This connection will give you the possibility to see in real time your returns, your latest results, the hours worked on your project and additional information. We have created this personal space for our clients in a perspective of complete transparency so that they are always informed of the progress of their project. When everything is ready, we will work on your project and start our actions related to your company.
Depending on your subscription, we will transmit to you every week, every fortnight or every month the results obtained in traffic, conversions, Bounce Rate, etc. We are going to show you in the form of graphs the results that are the most pertinent and those that you absolutely want to see. As the time progresses, from the performance reports, we will adapt the strategy established at the beginning to keep an optimal efficient rhythm.