What is Online Reputation about?

Online reputation works exactly like in real life, the only thing that changes is that it is passed online. Your reputation is the way people see you based on what you did, said, or published. Online, even good people can be associated with a poor reputation, or bad. In effect, another user with the same name as yours can be a bad person and damage your image, which will give consequences on your online reputation. Also, you can have a direct or indirect link in searches or networks with someone who damages your online reputation, etc. More serious, and often ungrateful, identity theft to damage your reputation online. Do not take this lightly because it turns out that your clients and your prospects may be very sensitive to that kind of malice. As in life, a bad reputation online does not allow you to develop your business because people talk about your company in bad and we know that before buying a product or a service, users and potential customers like to read comments and learn more about this company or this person before any contact.

On the other hand, we know that a positioning error or bad audience strategy can occur and have dramatic incidents in the health of your company or your online reputation.

In conclusion, having a bad reputation online is much more frequent and serious than we think, but in Azuaria, we have the solution to this problem.

Gestión de e-reputación

Our solution for your E-Reputation

Does your company or your self need a new online reputation? You are in the right place! 100% certified results! We reimburse you for your entire investment if you do not get the expected results. Thanks to our Digital Marketing Service specialized in online Reputation Management, we will give you a new image in the eyes of the large public. It is important that together we take care of your online reputation to benefit your brand image or image. The online reputation of your company and its image are a very important part of your business. Contact us to request your appointment or obtain more information about our Online Reputation Management actions.

Some information

  • 74% of users search for information on Google about your company before contacting you.
  • Almost half of companies consider online reputation as a greater risk.
  • Remember that you worked several years to achieve what you have achieved, but you need a few minutes to break your name or reputation online.
  • 50% of companies claim to be victims of online bad reputation.