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Control everyday at every hour. You have to think about everything to have the best possible organization. In addition, you spend a lot of time and energy planning and organizing all areas of your business. Hotel Manager has never been an easy job, and we know that. At Azuaria, we developed your solution! An Hotel Software which will calculate and plan all the actions of your hotel, taking into account your infrastructure, your place, the rooms, the computer system, etc. from the cleaning service to the online Reservations.

You will only have to analyze a screen with your computer or your mobile and enter the information in the database of the system to work only in full autonomy optimizing your time and your money.

Hotel Software - Automate System

It seems futuristic right? Here, ask for your free demo and have an idea of ​​what your hotel 2.0 will be like. Technology never stops.

Your solution is Azuaria - Automated Hotel System.

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The automated system uses intelligent technology to control the complete organization of your business. Focus on the essentials: plan your strategies and let the system work as taking the actions. You do not need a co-manager or someone else, only the Hotel Software.


At Azuaria, we think that all services should be Custom-Made.


When you hire a Marketing Service or our Automated System Service, you have to be satisfied with your investment. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of contracting already made packages or choosing the service you really need.


By doing this, you will gain time, energy and money. The complete activity of your hotel would be controlled by the optimization of working time, planning, prices, reservation, etc. We also work on a personal formula that will allow you to edit your own appointment to see the expenses that will be avoided thanks to our system automation application. Are you interested? Contact us to have a free demo, your personalized appointment and more details about that technological revolution.